Milwaukee 305mm (12") Measuring Wheel

Milwaukee 305mm (12") Measuring Wheel


+ 48225032
+ Zero point indicator
+ Reinforced folding point and aluminium frame
+ Trigger brake
+ Ergonomic pistol grip design.

The Milwaukee 305mm (12”) Measuring Wheel was designed for extreme durability, increased ergonomics, and productivity. Constructed of reinforced aluminium frames and reinforced folding joints, the Milwaukee measuring wheels are able to withstand the toughest job-site conditions. Durable locking pivot points help quickly fold the units for transportation and storage.

To prevent build-up of dirt and grime that could potentially jam the wheel, the 305mm (12”) Measuring Wheel has also been designed with a Debris-Cleaning Wheel Flap that easily clears away contamination while rolling. In addition, the measuring wheel also includes a reinforced kick stand.

The pistol grip handles, designed to provide similar ergonomics to that of a power tool handle, fitting the hand of the user better than other wheels on the market. These handles feature a top brake function that can be used to lock the wheel and the reading, increasing accuracy. The 305mm (12”) Measuring Wheel is also designed with a top handle clearing function for easier use, allowing the user to reset for each measurement without bending over.

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